Authenticity: More Important Than Ever

Marketing 101 - Be authentic. Thanks for reading, see you next time! I’m sorry, you already knew that? Of course you did! Being authentic is a base tenet of effective marketing that has existed since the first caveman sold a rock to another caveman. But something that lesser marketing people spent too much time thinking [...]

Four Digital Offerings You Can Keep After Covid

Buyer behaviors are still adjusting to over a year of online shopping, curbside pick-up, and delivery. As the U.S. starts opening up fully, we’re seeing that a lot of the most convenient behaviors seem to be sticking around for most of the public. As a business owner there are ways you can adapt to this [...]

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20 Marketing Statistics You Need to Know for 2019

In the land of marketing, there are many dos and don’ts. However, these rules are constantly changing with the times as we grow as customers and the way we consume advertising. The forms of media we view most are shifting with different generations, along with new search engines and shopping channels. As 2019 fast approaches, [...]

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