We combine analytical and creative skills to help you get found online

Getting found online requires a carefully orchestrated combination of skills and actions. First, you must have an optimized website with great, relevant content that meets the needs of your target audiences. Second, you must understand how to manage and massage the technical algorithms that determine whether or not you show up in search results in the first place. If you haven’t optimized your site first, check out our SEO options. But if your site is ready for more traffic, there aren’t many ways better that paid search advertising.

Also known as SEM (search engine marketing) or PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, paid search capitalizes on user intent. Someone searches for the exact products or services you offer, and you can show them a text ad directly related to their search. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, however. Poorly constructed campaigns could cost you thousands in wasted ad spend. That’s where Cabéza Digital comes in.

Here’s how we help you get found online

  • We choose a balance of keyword phrases that not only matches searches by your target audiences, but also has high conversion potential. This, along with phrases that have lower competition scores make the best use of your investment.
  • SEM works particularly well when combined with SEO, video and targeted reach — disciplines that we know quite well.
  • Effective search alone is not a complete answer. We know how to create effective landing pages designed to connect with your target audience and channel them into being a customer.

Need help with an existing account?

If you currently have a Google Ads paid search effort that needs a little TLC – or at least another set of eyes – we can help! Contact us for a consultation, or you can choose from our a-la-carte options:


Building Paid Search the Right Way

You should own your relationship with Google. Thousands of dollars of investment every month should help you establish a track record – not help an agency’s status. What’s worse – if you decide to move on, you have to leave it all behind. At Cabéza Digital, we help you build, launch, and manage paid search ads on accounts you control. That’s full transparency – and the only way we do it.


A complimentary strategy session

Contact us to discuss your business and marketing challenges, and to take the next step with search engine marketing.