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It can’t be said enough in 2018 – video marketing WORKS, and it not only gives you a better chance of appealing to your audience, it gets you IN FRONT of your ideal audience by helping improve your ranking on Google.

In fact, including video as part of your marketing strategy increases your chances of getting on the first page of Google by a whopping 53%.

Product videos in particular are incredibly useful, as consumers in 2018 are increasingly relying on visual content to make decisions about what they buy. In fact, 85% of customers are more likely to buy a product once they’ve seen a product VIDEO! Just check out this neat Infographic which explains the impact of video on the purchasing experience.

Professional Video Goes a Long Way

In the age of high tech, consumers can tell the difference between a low quality and a high quality video. It’s crucial that you take the time to invest in professional video to help grow your audience and build trust with your base. Poor lighting, scratchy audio, and unclean graphics can deter potential customers and potentially turn them to your competitors instead.

Professional Video, SEO, Video Marketing

Need a hand? Cabeza Advertising is here to help by providing you with affordable, top-quality video content. Research has found that 71% of marketers say that video conversions outperform other marketing content. It’s time to get going!

Optimizing Your Video for SEO

You’ve take the biggest step by having your awesome video made – but now it’s time to optimize it for its best possible SEO ranking! Here are 5 great tips to consider when uploading and optimizing your video:

  • Be sure to include relevant keywords in your video’s metadata
  • Host your video on your OWN website or blog, not YouTube or Vimeo
  • Share your video on all your social platforms
  • Add a small amount of advertising spend behind your video on Twitter or Facebook to help draw more attention
  • Add your video to any relevant Google AdWords campaigns or start your own Video Campaign

SEO, Video Marketing

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