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In 2018, user generated content is all the rage. But what exactly is it?

‘User Generated Content is defined as any type of content that has been created and put out there by unpaid contributors or, using a better term, fans.’ – TINT

This can mean anything from user testimonials, photos of customers using your product, tweets with your product hashtag, or really anything produced by a unpaid consumer. People tend to TRUST these reviews because they are from organic users (not influencers that are paid a large sum to vouch for your product).


The Time is Now to Encourage User Generated Content


When a brand is able to convince USERS to promote their brand – that is where the real magic begins! In fact, Bazaarvoice has reported that 84% of Millennials are more likely to be influenced to buy something when they see user generated content by strangers.


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Especially if your target audience is millennials – it’s crucial to encourage and spread user generated content in 2018. Here are 3 tips to get started:

Social Media Contests

Ask your followers to upload photos of themselves using your product, with a specific hashtag to get trending. Add an incentive – the winner of the challenge will win X amount of product or another prize. Remember – make it fun! Users are more compelled to participate if it’s a fun contest, especially on social media.

User Reviews

Don’t be afraid to add your business to free user review websites such as Yelp and Google. These sites will give you the most organic reviews, (which are not always nice) but are most importantly HONEST. In this day and age, people appreciate honesty from strangers.

Forums and Real Time Content

Add a forum to your website so that users can easily interact with one another on your platform and ask questions, get advice, and most importantly – interact with YOU! When you keep the dialogue open and free flowing, you will reap great results. Communication is key, so keep it going in 2018!


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