Wondering how you can best market your small business event? Whether it’s a product event, a small meeting, a panel, or even a foodie meetup – marketing your event correctly is vital and will determine the success of your special occasion. Here’s how to best get the word out:

A Stellar Event Page

If you want to get the word out about your event – the best thing you can do is create and market a page that is dedicated to it! Whether this is on your website or an Eventbrite page or even a Meetup group page – it’s important that you have a page dedicated to your event so you can share it over social media and email marketing.

While you’re at it – get creative! Come up with a fun graphic or image to depict the event and get a hashtag trending – it’s important to get people interested and beautiful, compelling visuals matter.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a smart tactic when marketing your event – as it’s a fantastic way to keep up with your current audience and get them excited about your shindig! Think about sending a newsletter out a couple weeks before your event and then a few days before your event as a reminder. Link to your Eventbrite or event page from your newsletter, so people can easily RSVP and get their friends involved. Include snippets about what guests can expect to get them excited and spreading the word!

Social Media Awareness and Consumer Content

Social media is perhaps the most important part of successfully marketing your event. Getting a unique hashtag trending to help spread the word and get a new audience involved is important – but generally speaking, posting about your event (with compelling images or videos) and encouraging people to share your event is the most crucial part. Why not even get a social media competition going to give away tickets to your small business event or earn special prizes at the event? Think outside of the box and reap the rewards with a larger attendance!

Blog it Out!

Have a blog on your website? Write 200-500 words about your event and get it posted to your blog, Medium, LinkedIn and other publishing sites. Need to get some free event PR? Tweet your article to local news outlets and popular event sites and ask them for a retweet or a share, and they might even pick up your story! When blogging about your event, make sure to share the important details like what time and day it is happening, what to expect, who is welcome, how to RSVP and why you’re holding the event.

Use Ad Spend if Necessary

Ad spend can be expensive, so it’s important to use it wisely. Try spending $50-100 to start with on a few highly-targeted google keywords or even a few Facebook or LinkedIn ads. Have a business event? LinkedIn InMail ads can be an effective way to reach people via their business profile. Don’t go too crazy on ad spend unless you keep an eye on reporting and notice that it is reaping successful results!

Need some help marketing your event?

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